For sale: Futaba 10C/FF10 35MHz with R319DPS receiver

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For sale: Futaba 10C/FF10 35MHz with TW-FSM 35MHz synthesized Tx module and brand new, never used, R319DPS PCM synthesized receiver.

Transmitter is in great shape and in absolute mint condition, no scratches, no dents. Has been used for about 40 to 50 hours during '09 and was bought new from a registered Futaba retailer just over a year ago.

Comes complete with all the original accessoires, box and manual, as well as cables etc. Original invoice is also available listing the transmitter (just the transmitter, other parts were bought seperately) at 479,95 euro.

The transmitter is in 100% working condition, no hidden defects and has always been transported in the Futaba carrying case I bought for it. Has never needed servicing and has served me well over the past year.

It can be fitted with a 2.4GHz module (Spectrum, Futaba, Assan, etc.) to offer full 2.4GHz functionality, or any other Tx module, such as a 72MHz for example.

Please PM me with your offers, I will ship internationally at the buyer's expense. I take great care and pride in making sure the equipment I own is kept in as-new condition, hence this transmitter is no exception.




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